Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PlayStation Network Update: Brand New System Software and Features

PlayStation Network, also known as PSN, is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service. It is created and owned by Sony Computer Entertainment for use with PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. This service was designed so that gamers could log into the network and game with each other via the internet. Once logged in, users can join multiplayer games and track their statistics. This is a free service provided with PSN.

Sony announced this online network aimed for users of PlayStations in 2006. Included with PSN is an online store where a user can purchase online games and videos. The most basic version of PSN is free. However, a user has the option to upgrade to PlayStation Plus by paying a subscription fee. Currently, the following services are available to users of PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus: online instruction manuals, user profiles, online IDs, user registration of master or sub accounts, PlayStation video game console warranty, friends list, instant messaging integration, lobbies and matchmaking for online gaming, multiplayer gameplay, scores and ranking, trophy system, avatars, voice and video chat, internet browser, block list, comments for display on gamer profiles, and parental control. As always, there are many more features that are available with this ever-expanding network.

An online ID is the player’s username on the PSN. These IDs cannot be changed once selected, and the system supports one PlayStation Network account per user. Each online ID can also contain avatars that are usually associated with certain games or game characters.

The trophies are the PSN’s way of tracking achievements, and were introduced to the PlayStation 3 network in July 2008. Four varying types of trophies can be awarded. These trophies are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum and issued to users for certain achievements or reaching milestones within games. A platinum trophy is awarded to a player only if he has earned all trophies underneath the platinum.

Sony has also launched the PlayStation Store, which is a shopping-based online service for the PSN. Within this online store, users can purchase items with actual currency, PayPal, or PlayStation Network Cards. The content that can be purchased is movie trailers, game trailers, game demos, games, and game add-ons. If a gamer has a PlayStation 3 or a PSP, films and television shows are also available for purchase through the online store.

PlayStation Plus is a paid subscription service launched in 2010. With a paid subscription, a user has upgraded services on the PlayStation Network in addition to the original PSN service that is available. With PlayStation Plus, a gamer can have game and system software updates download automatically to the PlayStation 3 in addition to demos. Subscribers also have early access to game betas and downloadable content in addition to a free account on Qore.

While this is only an introductory article on the many services PlayStation offers, many other features can be found by browsing around the service or reading on Sony’s website. This service has made it very easy for PlayStation owners to be more involved in their games.

The Surprising Benefits Associated With PlayStation Store Cash Cards

The PlayStation store cash cards are widely used by the PlayStation game lovers downloadable movie trailers, downloadable games and favorite TV shows among other lovely content that a member is entitled to access from their PlayStation network. Most of the PlayStation network customers have opted to have their own PlayStation store cash cards. This is because of the wide range of benefits associated with owning the store cash card as long as one has a PlayStation plus membership. It is very important especially for those who love playing the game most of the time. This article from the editor of will discuss some of those important benefits that come with the PlayStation store cash cards below.

1. The PlayStation store cash card offers a wide range of HD full length trailer movies

By virtual of being a PlayStation network member, one is entitled to receive all the new updates of trailer movies available in the PlayStation store. This in return has allowed the movie lovers to have a good time downloading their favorite movies without having to pay any extra charges. The downloadable HD full length movies can be accessed online where the network gives automatic updated about any new movies in the PlayStation stores.

2. The PlayStation store cash cards allow gamers to access their favorite and most hilarious TV shows

A part from being able to access the newly downloadable movies, the PlayStation customers can also access their favorite and most hilarious TV shows as part of the entertainment.  This has indeed allowed access of most TV show that could not have been accessed before. The TV shows are a form of entertainment as well as teaching people on different topics that may have posed a lot of difficulties understanding. Therefore, by listening to the shows the PlayStation users become more knowledge and educated especially on socially life.

3. PlayStation store cash cards enhances ability of playstation gamers to access downloadable games

All the downloader video games can be easily accessed by the PlayStation players long as they have they own the PlayStation store cash cards. The PlayStation network developers ensure any updates on the current video games are accessible to such gamers all the time. This has allowed the players to access various video games as they like and whenever they like without fear of being restricted to certain games.

4. PlayStation store cash cards enhances ability to have very unique gaming experiences

By owning the PlayStation store cash cards, the PlayStation gamers are able to access several add on content all the time. The add-on content is up to date and the gamers don’t have to worry being locked out of new content when it is available. This in return enhances their gaming experience many times more than those who don’t have these PlayStation store cash cards.

From reading the article, one can tell that owning the playstation store cash cards can be of great benefits to the users. Some of those mentioned in the article are self explanatory while others are not here but very beneficial as well.